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Essential Features of a Good Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner can transform your cleaning experience. When looking for a vacuum cleaner, make sure that you look for something sturdy and easy to use. The type of vacuum cleaner that you buy will depend on automation, size and also the type of floor that you would like to clean.

Buying a good quality vacuum cleaner can help you to save money because it will serve you for a long time. Here are some features to check before buying a vacuum cleaner:


vacuum cleanersPower is an important aspect to check when buying a vacuum cleaner. It is advisable to buy a powerful one depending on the type of floor and also cleaning area. You need to get a vacuum that will be able to suck all the dirt without any problems.

With a powerful vacuum, you can do the cleaning job in the fastest time possible. It is also easy to absorb hairs and other types of dirt on your floor. For home cleaning, it is advisable to get a vacuum that is 250 to 320 watts. A powerful vacuum is always a good idea.

Bagged or Bagless

You can choose between a bagged or a bagless filter. With a bagged vacuum, all the dirt accumulates on the bag, and you will have to replace it regularly. If you want to save money on replacing bags regularly, it is advisable to get a bagless vacuum.

When it comes to making a choice, determine the type of dirt and floor that you clean. In case you are going to be cleaning a lot of dirt, it is advisable to get a bagged vacuum cleaner.


Remember to check the filters when buying a vacuum. Sometimes you will need to get HEPA filters in case you want to clean a floor with pet hairs and other substances like cat litter.

You will need to clean the filters regularly so that you make it effective for the vacuum cleaner to absorb all the dirt. Buying a vacuum with good quality filters will make a big difference in the cleaning experience.

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Corded or Cordless Vacuum

There is always a difference between a corded or cordless vacuum clean. A corded vacuum is ideal when cleaning a small space because it might be attached to a source of power. A cordless is portable, and you can move with it from place to place when cleaning without worrying about cords.